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Full Name: Boris ORGOGOZO 姓名:欧豹
Mobile: (86) 138 0306 7009 Mobile: (86) 138 0306 7009
Email: 邮箱 Email:
即时通 Skype/Facebook:
Nationality: French 国籍:法国
Native Language: French 母语:法语
Passport Number: 12AR98045 个人证件号码:(护照号) 12AR98045
Visa expires: 2014/04/24 (Z type) 签证有效期至:2014/04/24 (Z 型签证)
University Major: Business Engineer
and Intercultural MBA
大学专业:商业工程和国际 MBA
Self Intro: 个人简介:
Fluent in French and English, intermediate Spanish, and intermediate spoken Chinese. 会说流利的法语和英语, 理解汉语和西班牙语。
Flexible working schedule, fully available for movie, shooting projects. Used to heavy working conditions, easy going and team work oriented. 工作时间自由度高, 可参加任何电影 拍摄。能承受强大的工作量和艰苦的工作环 境;亲切和蔼, 具有良好的团队精神。
Love to travel and meet new people. 喜欢旅行和结交朋友。
Each shooting is a new challenge and usually a great experience as well. 每一次拍摄对我来说都是一次新的挑战,
Work experience: 工作经历:
Played in many movies, TV series and documentaries in China: 在中国曾参演过多部电影, 电视剧和纪录片:
1911, Xinhaigeming, Xu Haifeng de qiang, Juezhan qian de jiaoliang, Xiaoyuchidayu, Xihajueshigaoshou, Xunlu, Rong Hong, Mao Zedong, Yangliuqing, Mazu, Taotaoxiaohe, Zhenhai 1885. 《1911》《辛亥革命》《许海峰的枪》《决 战前的较量》《小鱼吃大鱼》《嘻哈绝世 高手》《寻路》 《容闳》《毛泽东》《杨 柳青》《妈祖》《滔滔小河》《镇海 1885》
Involvement in numerous projects. 参与过许多项目
Also have multiple experiences as set translator/director assistant, and in advertisement, show hosting, voice over... 也有很多拍摄广告, 主持人, 翻译, 播音和导演助理的经验
Hobbies: 爱好:
Cinema, books, music, gastronomy, wine tasting, driving (cars, motorcycles, boats), jogging, mountain bike, long board, poker... 看电影, 读书, 音乐, 美食, 品酒, 驾驶(车, 摩托车, 船等), 慢跑, 山地车, 长时间出海, 打扑克…


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Boris Orgogozo

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